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Own business: club of communication in foreign languages

Let’s make a reservation right away: there are very few such clubs even in Moscow and St. Petersburg. For example, we know two: Vesta club and Moscow English Communication Club. There is a club of francophones, we do not know anything about whether lovers of German and Italian languages ​​\u200b\u200bget together. With the rest, not at all. Most of all, our people want to communicate, of course, in English. Let’s talk about this in more detail, although the principle is the same.

Everyone knows that we successfully have international schools in Russia that help prepare for the Cambridge exam, for IELTS, and that in addition to paid classes, two or three times a week they also offer an additional free day, which is called something like a “communication club “. But only those who pay for rather expensive education can come there, and everyone understands that this “free” day is, of course, included in the price.

What are they doing there? The feature of such an activity is the opportunity to communicate with a native speaker, and the topics are very different, from watching a movie excerpt followed by a discussion on a given topic, to celebrating a night of bonfires.

I do not know why such thematic gatherings should not be held everywhere, in large numbers (correlating their scope with the existing demand) and not on the basis of such schools. There is a legal possibility for this. You see, you do not teach anything to anyone, so you do not need to obtain any licenses for educational activities.

Abroad such clubs are countless. There, everyone, from housewives to retirees, learn Chinese, Czech, Polish, despite the fact that they do not need them at all, learn how to cook Italian pasta, and God knows what else they fill their leisure time with. Both students and businessmen go there, who, rather, do not fill their leisure time, but increase their value in the labor market.

Because Europe is mobile and truly international, and in order to get into the country and not get lost, you need constant speaking and listening skills. Everyone knows this. But this can be done in Russia so far only on the basis of the commercial schools described above. The situation is already beginning to improve, clubs are appearing, and if you are a student of a foreign language, then think about your business in an empty niche that will soon be filled. After all, working for an uncle is a chore, and tutoring is generally a pipe.

What is needed for this?

According to the most immodest estimates, you will need $ 1,000 to start. This is if you will make your site and place advertisements. But if you know how to organize a party around you, then you can save on this. After all, people from other cities will visit your site out of curiosity, but why do you need them?

What else you don’t need.

You definitely don’t need a place to rent. That is, of course, possible and even desirable. But… The experience of existing players says: it is more interesting to meet in different places – in cafes, clubs, up to private apartments. If your university does not object to filling one classroom after the end of classes for 2 hours, then you are lucky.

However, what is worth thinking about is directing. Do you know what a “holiday scenario” is? This is when a picnic, birthday, corporate party, and whatever else, have their own clear written plan, which is agreed to the details between the organizers-moderators. But at the same time, free space is left for guests to express themselves so that they do not feel like pioneers who enter the river with a whistle and stop water procedures at the whistle. Do you know how to be a salon owner? Literary, political. Or maybe you know such a person who will be an animator, moderator, toastmaster, entertainer and pioneer leader in one bottle? Because if you gather at the base of some cafe or bowling alley, but the conversation does not stick together, then these people will come to you for the first and last time.

How to register a form of ownership?

It can be an NGO, an individual entrepreneur, you can get a job as one of the fitness departments or some other club. Why don’t you like a circle of Arabic dances?

Without what this club cannot exist?

You definitely need foreigners – native speakers, those who are in our country on a work contract. They will mostly walk. It can also be students of a sub-faculty who study Russian for a year before entering the first year in their specialty.

step by step

First, as an administrator, you invite people and give them a test to divide into two groups – Intermediate and Pre-Intermediate. As you understand, it is too early for levels below Pre-Intermediate to communicate like that, and for levels above you either offer to cooperate with you or they will not get to you at all. Usually people with such levels have been living and working abroad for a long time.

Then people receive information about where and at what time they are expected and the topic of the meeting. You distribute thematic expressions to each participant, the text to be discussed, and so on.

When a person comes, you charge him a fee for a one-time visit (from 100 to 200 rubles) and the evening begins.

At the end, the presenters, who listened all the time to what and how the guests said, begin to work on the mistakes. It is forbidden to correct mistakes along the way, since this (as everyone who has studied the technique knows) prevents the formation of the skill of free and confident speaking.

You can, of course, introduce a real club system. Those. a person pays membership fees (monthly) and a one-time fee for joining the club. Then he is given a password to the site where he communicates on the forum and learns about the dates of the next meetings. In the same place, he also downloads thematic expressions necessary for the next discussion. Then there will be no reason to shirk, referring to non-existent difficulties – the money has already been paid.

But this path has its drawback if absolutely no one knows you, if the image has not been developed. We strongly advise against starting with the club system. Just imagine this picture: a timid and distrustful person comes to you, and you tell him, they say, drive 300 rubles for membership now, and we will meet tomorrow at the entrance to MGIMO. Have a red wig and MMM shares with you …

In general, the atmosphere in such a club is important. This is not a fast track to riches, this is a place where the right connections are made and a reputation is gained.

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