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Own business: courses for expectant mothers

Courses for pregnant women are not the most original business idea, which, nevertheless, has not lost its relevance. Parents who are expecting the birth of their first child are faced with a lot of questions, worries, troubles and difficulties. To solve all these problems, prepare the expectant mother for childbirth and give her the basics of caring for a baby in the first months of his life, classes for expectant parents help. Experienced teachers provide comprehensive information on preparing for the birth of a baby

Of course, in almost every city in our country there are free courses at antenatal clinics, medical centers or maternity hospitals. There is a lot of information on thematic Internet forums. There you can also get basic knowledge on childbirth and newborn care, chat with like-minded people. However, the number and duration of free classes are usually very limited.

Most of the time is often occupied by promotional presentations by representatives of various pharmaceutical and other companies. Not always such consultations are carried out at a high level. Often, the consultation itself consists literally in lecturing on long-outdated materials. Therefore, many future mothers prefer commercial courses, where, in addition to pleasant communication, they receive useful and up-to-date information from specialists on all issues of interest to them.

If you decide to run classes for pregnant women, the first thing you need to do is to study the demand (it is likely to be high) and competition in your city and/or area where you plan to open courses. With low competition or, even better, its complete absence, it makes sense to think about creating your own “school of motherhood”. You will need to register as an individual entrepreneur or LLC. In most cases, entrepreneurs choose the first form.

Please note: courses for pregnant women provide only informational (i.e. consulting) services, and in no case conduct a medical examination and / or treatment. The latter type of activity is subject to compulsory licensing.

In addition, you need a place to conduct classes. It can be one or two rooms with an area of ​​30-70 square meters (based on at least 5-6 square meters for each participant). For such courses, either the city center or a densely populated residential area with high-rise buildings is best suited. The latter option is even more optimal, since in most cases it is on the periphery that there is a shortage of such establishments.

In addition, it is more convenient for expectant mothers to attend classes near their home, and not an hour’s drive from it. You can rent premises not for the whole day, but for certain hours, if possible. The room should be bright and well ventilated. For the southern regions in the summer, a split system is required. It is desirable that the floor was carpeted (or purchase a sufficient number of soft rugs – travel or yoga).

In addition, you will need some furniture – soft and comfortable chairs and a table. You should not hang informational posters and leaflets on the walls, as this evokes associations rather with a medical institution. It is better to hang out the necessary methodological and demonstration materials for the duration of the lesson, and decorate the walls with paintings. The atmosphere of the room where classes for pregnant women are held is of great importance.

A good location is just one of the conditions. It is equally important to find qualified specialists to conduct classes. As a rule, each lesson is divided into two parts – medical training (lectures with demonstration materials) and psychological training (testing, practical exercises with a psychologist, including art therapy, learning relaxation techniques, etc.). Thus, you will need the help of an OB-GYN and a psychologist who will be able to teach several hours a week at your school for expectant mothers.

The number of people in the group should be limited so that the facilitator can pay attention to each participant. If the budget allows, you can significantly expand the list of services offered and the staff. Thus, in large schools, in addition to the “obligatory” obstetrician-gynecologists and psychologists, classes are conducted by perinatal psychologists, psychophysiologists, breastfeeding specialists and pediatricians. The main requirement for specialists is the availability of special education, work experience and … their own children (in most schools this requirement is mandatory).

Often, expectant mothers are invited to attend additional yoga classes, callanetics, fitness for pregnant women and even workouts in the pool at the base of the school in preparation for childbirth. If you do not have sufficient conditions for this (for example, due to the limited area of ​​\u200b\u200byour room), you can cooperate with large fitness centers, which, as a rule, have such special offers and professional instructors in their program.

In addition to the above specialists, you will need a full-time administrator (from 7,000 rubles and more). At first, his duties can be performed independently. The administrator answers clients’ questions by phone, gathers groups, schedules classes, negotiates with specialists, and then calls registered clients and invites them to classes. Usually, after the first group is recruited, the final schedule of your center is formed.

The cost of studying courses for expectant mothers depends on the region. The average price for large cities is 4500-5000 rubles for 12-16 lessons. Usually several groups are formed of 6-10 people each. Classes are held twice a week during the daytime and/or evenings. As a rule, the presence of husbands is welcomed (free of charge or for half the price). Future dads help their wives to take comfortable positions, learn to support them during childbirth and give massages. If you have classes for both spouses, it is advisable to form a separate group for such couples.

The profitability of this type of business is 30%. Its great advantage lies in the absence of the need for large initial investments. For starters, 20,000-30,000 rubles may be enough if, for example, you have the necessary medical or psychological education and work experience in this area. In this case, the main expenses will be required for renting premises and advertising their services.

Such a small investment pays off from the very first group recruited. Don’t be afraid to start small and don’t waste time trying to raise an impressive capital. Paradoxically, many schools that start with large investments cannot compete with projects that were created as a hobby.

Your main competitive advantage is qualified personnel who receive hourly wages (from 250 rubles per hour and more, depending on the region). Initial expenses often do not even include the salaries of employees – it will be covered by income from the very first month of work.

When developing a business plan, pay special attention to finding ways to promote your company’s services. If you intend to use traditional methods of advertising (for example, in printed publications), give preference to specialized magazines with a large circulation. True, the cost of such advertising will not be low (for example, the simplest modular ad will cost at least 10 thousand rubles). At the same time, the effectiveness of this method of attracting customers is not high.

Expectant mothers usually choose courses and schools to prepare for childbirth on the advice and recommendations of friends and acquaintances, as well as on reviews on major city forums and portals. However, specialized magazines can also be useful to you – offer them interesting informational articles with the participation of specialists working for you. Most likely, even in this case, the editors will not place the contacts and logo of your center in their journal for free, but, at a minimum, indicate its name and the names of consultants in the caption to the article. It may not give such an instant result as a regular advertisement, but it will have a positive effect on your image and increase your recognition among potential customers at minimal cost.

Internet advertising has the greatest effect on attracting customers. You can create your own website (the easiest option is from 10000-15000 rubles or for free if you can make it yourself) and try to promote it. But experts recommend not to bet solely on the promotion of search queries. Reviews on forums, on-line consultations of specialists, articles on specialized sites – all this costs much less and works much more efficiently.

Experienced entrepreneurs are advised not to even try to cooperate with doctors from antenatal clinics. As a rule, each consultation or maternity hospital has its own courses – free or paid.

As your business develops and your income increases, you should think about developing your own method of work. After all, this is a distinctive card of each school for future parents. By the way, it is precisely because of the high value of their developments (or such positioning) that, as a rule, course participants are not given any additional printed materials so that they do not get to competitors. Having gained some experience and created your own recognizable name, you can think about selling a franchise, which involves training and the right to use a promoted brand.

According to the experts themselves, the demand for the services of such courses will only grow. And the existing proposals are still clearly not enough to fully satisfy him.

In order not to lose the won positions, always try to be ahead of your competitors, offer customers additional services. Keep in touch with the women who have been trained by you. At the last session, invite them to fill out a questionnaire with questions about what they liked about the course they took, what they think could be improved, what additional services they would like to receive.

All this allows schools for expectant mothers to develop and move to a new level of business. So, on the basis of regular courses, agencies for the selection of domestic staff (for example, nannies), children’s development centers, psychological consultations for children and their parents appear over time. And the childbirth school is gradually turning into a family club and a meeting place for like-minded people.

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