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Own business: how to open a dance school

This business can be considered as one of the tidbits for those who do not have any big capital at the start, but want to be self-employed and have a good income.

Profitability in this type of business reaches 40 – 50%. Entrance ticket to this business – $500

What is this money spent on? Only for hall rent and advertising. Advertising can be given on the Internet, in small magazines that act as an entertainment guide for your city. The best advertising is the distribution of flyers in night dance clubs and demonstration themed parties with dances in the same clubs. But this is if you have someone to show dances to …

If you will be engaged in dancing on the basis of the house of culture, then you should know: in the last days of August (or in the first days of September) each house of culture holds the so-called open day. On its stage, a reporting performance of all the teams takes place, and then in the hall, each leader of the circle registers everyone for their courses, distributes business cards. People know about such “open days” and specially go there at the beginning of each school year. This is an opportunity for almost free advertising of their services and the recruitment of motivated students. The fact is that, by agreement with the management of the house of culture, those who have nothing to do with the circles and studios of this house, people “from the street” come to advertise their services to this September “vacancy fair”. The main thing in this business is the flow of motivated customers who themselves are looking for,

So, the barriers that prevent entry to the market – prevent. Dance studios are springing up like mushrooms after the rain. The competition is strong, but it’s not scary, because if you are confident in the quality, then you can easily defeat a low-quality non-competitive product. The average monthly salary in the industry is 150 thousand rubles a month. That’s how small schools make money.

However, the problem here is that rent is the main enemy of dance classes, forcing them to close, disappointing students. All market players say that working on their premises is a condition for victory. Where can you find your premises? The players are not responding. However, once again, the warning is that almost all cases of dance schools closing are due to problems with rent, and those who work in their premises thrive. What to do? In the old days, dance classes were equipped in apartments and no one was perplexed about this.

Dance services are sold profitably only when you know and put into practice at least the elementary truths of business. Therefore, you must have a competent and talented manager, thanks to whom you will earn, and not burn out in six months.

Today, one interesting trend has emerged – dancing is well “sold” in fitness clubs. People come to a fitness club for complex services, like in paradise or a supermarket: it is important for them to have a treadmill, and the opportunity to swim in the pool, and massage, and a solarium, and dancing, and exercise equipment and a shower. This principle of a supermarket (or Olivier salad) will still dominate the consumer for a long time, until, with the development of an appropriate culture and infrastructure, different services begin to “delimit”, as they should. But now people need a shower – so give them a shower – rent an hourly place in a fitness club, which, unlike Soviet cultural centers, is actually equipped with showers. In a crisis, it will be easier and cheaper to do so.

Another trend in global dance fashion is social dance. What it is? This is something without mastering that, you can leave the market forever. And social dance, this is a simple idea – adults who have never really danced, consider themselves bears, have complexes about their bodies and want to dance. And you teach them in such a way that in three weeks they already see amazing results. This is what, translated into Russian, sounds like “dancing for everyone.” If you have such a talent – to teach everyone – go for it. Most often, good dancers simply lose their temper when people who have problems with hearing, rhythm, coordination, and self-esteem come to study with them.

It is necessary to clearly understand: who are you teaching? Children-athletes, future winners in dancesport competitions? Then go to the kids and specialize in them. But to apply methods designed for such children to adults is the death of business. You will not be able to tell an adult specialist, the chief accountant, who came to you in the evening for a lesson: “Why did you hang your ass? Get up! Did your grandmother feed you buns for a whole week? And the language, accustomed to such “informal” and “encouraging” communication, itches. But know! A franchise is coming in Russia, which is famous for devouring dance schools and not spitting out even small bones. This franchise is called Fred Astaire Dance International, and this brand has already appeared with us, with the Russia postfix.

This is a patented technique invented by the iconic Hollywood actor, the star of the 50s – Fred Astaire. His idea – to teach dance to those who are not born to dance – was realized in this program. See how he does it in the cult movie Let’s Make Love. What has been rolled back all over the world will be successful in our country too – only because of the crisis, dancing has stopped.

However, you will be able to keep the brand if you take the following two mottos as a rule: (1) “Dance – and be happy” and (2) “If you know how to walk – you can dance.” Because the most grateful, constant and … solvent of your customers will be people who are by no means concerned about obtaining champion titles.

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