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Own business: how to open an art school for adults

Commercial art schools are not yet very common, and many entrepreneurs who choose a direction for their business do not consider such courses as a source of stable income. This is due to the fact that in our country drawing courses and schools have been free for a long time. And now in every city at leisure centers and art galleries there are such circles that teach those who wish (mainly children) to draw for a nominal fee. But, despite the fact that the niche of commercial courses for adults is practically not occupied at all, these services are in high demand.

In order for this business to be profitable, it is important to correctly select the target audience. Consider who your art school will be for. For example, there is no shortage of children’s art schools. But for adults, the choice is usually much more modest. If the situation with drawing courses is the same in your city, it makes sense to think about opening such a school.

First of all, choose how you will register your art school. If you plan to hire several teachers almost immediately after opening and issue official certificates to graduates of your art school indicating that they have completed the appropriate training, you will have to register the art school as a non-state educational institution. It costs more and is associated with certain difficulties.

However, in most cases, these costs are unreasonably high, especially at the first stage of your work. Unlike foreign language courses, graduates of which often require a certificate confirming the presence of additional education and the level of language proficiency, students in your school draw not for career advancement, but for their own pleasure. The knowledge and skills acquired by them in your courses are much more important than a standard diploma. Therefore, you can save money and register as an individual entrepreneur at least for the first months of work.

Then it’s time to start looking for a place to study. It matters both the area (preferably closer to the city center or a bedroom, but not far from highways), and the interior.

The room should be fairly spacious, well lit and ventilated (ideally with an extractor fan to get rid of paint and thinner odors).

Pre-calculate the area of ​​the study room. Perhaps you can get by with an easel and a chair per student. However, if you plan to give lectures or teach drawing in various materials and techniques in your art school, you should also take care to purchase at least a few desks.

Another requirement for the chosen premises for an art school is the presence of a nearby sink with running water for washing hands and brushes. When drawing up a business plan for an art school, add the cost of renting the premises and utilities to the primary costs.

In addition, you will need props and study materials. Models, easels, brushes, paper, paints, etc. are best purchased in advance.

Usually the materials are paid for or bought by your students. However, it is worth having a reserve for beginners or the most forgetful clients.

Every professional artist knows that it is not worth saving on materials. But costs can be significantly reduced if you buy everything you need in bulk directly from the supplier.

One easel costs from 2-3 tr. and above, depending on the size and model. School desk from 3 thousand rubles, and chairs – from 2 thousand rubles. The total amount of these expenses depends on how many people you plan to recruit in a group.

This expense item can be reduced by purchasing used easels and furniture.

Calculate in advance how many people you can accept to study at your art school. If at first you plan to work on your own, without hiring additional other teachers, the optimal number of students is 6-8.

During the “lesson”, you should give each of them an equal amount of attention, pointing out errors and helping to correct them. The duration of one lesson can be from 1.5-2 hours or more.

As practice shows, it is not advisable to conduct shorter classes for adults. Don’t forget to plan ahead as well. Since your target audience is working and busy people, the only time they can devote to their hobby is the evening after work or a day off.

If you prefer to work only with adult students, it makes sense to arrange with art classes or children’s studios to rent space in the evening.

The benefit in this case is mutual: you will be able to significantly reduce the cost of renting and purchasing the necessary equipment, and your landlords will be able to rent out the premises, which, as a rule, are empty in the evening.

It is better to open your own studio and conduct the first set by the fall, when your potential clients return from vacation.

Don’t forget about advertising costs – leaflets sent to mailboxes located near houses, business cards with your contacts, radio advertising and your own website will help you increase the visibility of your art school and attract those who want to learn how to draw.

The payback period of an art school is from 1.5 years and depends entirely on your teaching talent, competent advertising campaigns (which, by the way, include the organization of exhibitions of your students’ works) and initial investments.

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